A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Ghost Needs Sheets is a simple game wherein your legal guardian, a spirit from the netherworld bound to the house you both live in, asks you to run an errand.

Please enjoy this game for free and tweet @IanHinck if you notice any game-breaking bugs or issues.

NEW VERSION as of 1/26/2016! Includes bug fixes and some all new, very POWERFUL, endgame content! Re-download today!

UPDATE on 2/3/2016 includes bug fixes!

Install instructions

Download the file for either Windows or Mac. It's a zip file. Unzip it and run the game. In the windows version extract all the files to the same folder and then run "game.exe." For the mac version just run the game, if you have security on your OS that prevents you from running the game because the developer is unknown you can go into Security in preferences and allow it to run the program anyway.


GNS_Mac02032016.zip 393 MB
GNS_Windows02032016.zip 393 MB


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there's a huge bug in this game :/ its too jolly and possi hehehe 10/10 :-)

cant wait to play :)) should be sick...hopefully as good as HITMAAAAAAAAANNN!!! CAN I GET A HIT MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN